ALX Technology

LouderLogic brings the fullness you crave out of every song, using the patented Audio Level eXtension (ALX) technology by McDSP. With the push of one button, LouderLogic minimizes volume fluctuations between songs while maximizing all the musical details the artist intended you to enjoy. Simply put, you’ll get more from your music!

McDSP Audio Level eXtension (ALX) algorithms improve audio recording and playback performance using patented techniques derived from McDSP’s experience in professional audio software development over the last decade.

Recordings using ALX can capture up to 30 dB (32 times) more signal than standard recordings. ALX can also isolate close proximity signals from background noise during recording, and minimize volume variations during playback.

Audio playback using ALX provides a better listening experience by maximizing audio fidelity and minimizing volume changes. Playback benefits of ALX algorithms include:

  • Minimized music track volume variations
  • Noisy environments no longer impacting listening enjoyment of music and movies
  • Television and movie manner mode for listening at reduced levels, while keeping loud and quiet parts audible

Because ALX algorithms are highly optimized and have little latency, they can be used for other realtime audio applications such as:

  • Maximizing signal levels between cell phone callers
  • Better audio fidelity in laptop and desktop computer speakers
  • Improved fidelity for internet audio streaming
  • Better audio fidelity in computer games and game consoles (XBox 360, PS3, others)

Stay tuned for more developments using ALX. License inquiries can be directed to alx@mcdsp.com.

Audio Level eXtension. Hear what you listen to.