Technical support for LouderLogic is available via email. If your question is not answered in the FAQ section below, please email us at alx@mcdsp.com.

Can LouderLogic use my existing iTunes Library?

Yes, LouderLogic accesses your existing iTunes library. There is no need to copy files to another location, or keep duplicate versions of your iTunes library.

What is ALX and why do I want it in my audio player?

Volume variations between different music genres, podcasts and audiobooks create a frustrating listening experience. ALX minimizes these volume variations, and even improves audio fidelity in noisy listening environments.

Can I play my music while running other apps on my iDevice?

LouderLogic comes with multitasking support so you can play your music, audiobook, or podcast in the background while continuing to use your iDevice.

Why does the ALX button turn red or blue on some songs?

To apply ALX and EQ to your audio, LouderLogic needs access to the audio data at a very low level. Content protected by Digital Rights Management (DRM) and content streaming from iCloud does not allow access to the low-level audio data, so LouderLogic is unable to apply ALX or EQ processing. When playing DRM or streaming content, the ALX button turns red (for DRM) or blue (for iCloud) to indicate that audio enhancement is disabled.

Why can’t I use ALX or EQ with some of my iTunes Match songs?

As explained in the previous answer, LouderLogic can’t apply ALX or EQ while a song is streaming from iCloud. If you are using iTunes Match, the first time you play a song that is not yet on your device the song is streamed from iCloud while it downloads. Once the song has downloaded to your device, LouderLogic should be able to apply ALX and EQ processing on subsequent listens. Unfortunately, we have noticed that in some cases the meta-data for a downloaded iTunes Match song never gets properly updated to allow the low-level audio data access LouderLogic needs for processing. In such cases, every time the song is loaded it will appear to still be in iCloud and ALX/EQ processing will still be disabled. We do not currently know a reliable workaround for this issue. We are hopeful that a future iOS update will resolve the improper updating of iTunes Match meta-data. In the meantime, if you are experiencing this issue, please send us a note and we will work with you to try and find a solution.

Why don’t my audiobooks appear in LouderLogic?

Many audiobooks are protected by Digital Rights Management. Since LouderLogic cannot apply ALX to those books, they are left off the list.

Why doesn’t iTunes know when I’ve listened to a podcast with LouderLogic?

LouderLogic is unable to update iTunes listening statistics. The badges you see in your list of podcasts indicating which ones you’ve heard only reflect the listening you do in LouderLogic. After listening to a podcast with LouderLogic, iTunes will still label it as unheard.

Why are my playlists unorganized in LouderLogic?

Unfortunately LouderLogic is unable to detect the presence of playlist folders in your iPod library. For best results using playlists in LouderLogic, we recommend against organizing them into folders.